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Sakshi TV News on Nadipathy Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy workshop and therapy @ Nadipathy 04-09-2014.

The response and the encouragement by reference of the patients made us to conduct the Leech Therapy special workshop and treatment @ Nadipathy on 04-09-2014.

There were 20 patients attended and most of the new patients.

One of the patients speaking at the camp says she had come from USA to take up the Nadipathy treatment for her chronic ailments, and when she saw this  workshop she said this kind of treatment in Western countries are very popular and giving an example that Fish manicure is a popular one.

Dr.Raju speaking, that this Leech therapy is a great rejuvenation for the body, sucking the bad blood by the Leeches.

Each patient is treated with New Leech, after the treatment the Leeches are kept in a respective bottles separately with the patients name,age,and place. This would ensure that the patient can be treated with the same Leech on next sitting.

              Leech therapy is the use of leeches in the treatment of disease conditions. Medicinal leeches are bloodsucking worms that they live in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. Leech consists two “suckers”, one at each end. The back end sucker helps to attach its host; the front sucker contains the mouth with three sharp jaws that leave a Y – shaped bite.  

         The first practice of leech therapy is thought to have taken place in ancient India in 1000 BC. In ancient – medicine, the leech therapy was used to remove waste blood from a patient as part of a process to “balance the body fluids”. 

         When the micro-circulation of the body is disturbed, the whole body suffers. In our body red blood cells (R.B.C) carry oxygenated blood to all the tissues and organs. When red blood cells start to lose their flexibility or stick together, they can no longer get through the smaller vessels. Cellular exchanges of nutrition and waste disposal are disturbed and the body tissues are no longer oxygenated. 

            Leech salivary gland has many bio-active substances, which are given to the host in exchange for some blood taken. These include anti-coagulants, blood –thinners, vaso-dilators, antibiotics and histamine-like substances. Leech salivary glands also secrete lipolytic enzymes which break down fat, such as cholesterol, lipase, triglycerides. These enzymes work together against the aging process and prevent diseases.

          Hirudin is the bio-chemical substance that acts as anti- coagulant that leeches use to thin the blood to make it easier to extract from the host. After the leech has finished feeding, it is Hirudin that allows the wound to keep bleeding for a few hours. This is of benefit because the bleeding cleanses the wound from any bacteria. The bleeding also allows other turbid substances to leave the body with the blood, such as lymph fluid, inflammation, and toxins.

    Diabetic wounds
    Varicose veins
    Osteoarthritis
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Blood purification
    Hypertension
    Headache
    Migraine
    Allergies
    Paralysis
    Sciatica
    Alopecia
    Lymph nodes
    Inflammatory reactions
    Haemorrhoids
    Filaria
    Eye diseases
    Sinusitis
    Ear problems
    Throat problems

            According to Nadipathy leech at first bite, only sucks impure blood from the skin and only the pure blood is left, so it is a blood purification therapy. Later it starts sucking pure blood, the patient feels pain.
          Today most of the diseases are un- curable without by using of medicines and surgeries. There are no harmful side effects with leech therapy, which is a major reason for its current success.

Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmYxb4HnTMmHsWBDGOALpZE5y6lgA7lAa


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