Thursday, September 11, 2014

Leech Therapy - 11-09-2014.

Nadipathy’s Workshop and training on Leech Therapy - 11-09-2014.

Nadipathy has conducted a Training cum Workshop on Leech Therapy on 11th Sep 2014 at Kakinada Center.There were many patients of different ages had participated and get treated by Leeches.

Nadipathy Research Foundation has noticed that leech Therapy is a perfect cure for many,suffering from Arthritis of all ages and of course Gangrene and many other chronic diseases.

Dr.Raju detailed that Nadipathy Research Foundation is committed to popularize Eco Friendly Therapeutic treatment for the welfare of the society and Humans.

In this workshop, eminent personalities of all walks of life had participated. All of them had felt a great relief after this therapy and initiated to conduct more workshops and treatments in other places.

Dr.Raju added that very soon Nadipathy Research Foundation is going to come up with many new therapies and ancient techniques.

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