Thursday, September 18, 2014

Leech Therapy 18-09-2014

☛ Leech Therapy or Hirudotherapy ☚

Nadipathy Research Foundation has conducted Training cum Workshop on Leech Therapy on 18th Sep 2014 at Kakinada Center. The encouragement and support has made Nadipathy research Foundation to conduct Leech Therapy on a Weekly once basis particularly on Thursdays afternoon. Leech therapy has been used to successfully treat cramped veins, heart disease, tinnitus, bruises, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, muscle complications, and numerous other conditions.

Today there were some new patients from different walks of life have come and participated. Leech therapy or Hirudotherapy is relatively simple, inexpensive and Eco Friendly Therapeutic treatment. This is an Ancient Indian Holistic Therapeutic Treatment. The electronic and print media has come forward in spreading this ancient Indian therapeutic treatment in the society.

Dr.Raju speaking at press meets that Leech therapy is like a r single mechanism of action, but on a combination of multiple effects, so this Leech therapy is very effective against difficult diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and atherosclerosis. Leeches have a sense to find the bad blood and suck them till they get, however they get off when they sensed a pure blood. Dr.Raju started that this therapy doesn’t have any side effects and is safe, Environment friendly. In this today Work shop there were 40 patients and enthusiastic learners participated.

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